Whanau and waka
Kaimahi wananga - November 2021-3842

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"Broadgreen Intermediate greatly appreciates the fantastic work that 'Waka Abel Tasman' does in delivering an amazing experience. We are sending all of our classes out on this experience and they all have an amazing time.

This is not just physical activity but a time to experience Te Aō Maori, teamwork, history, geology, music and biology. The instructors take us on a journey of discovery, uncovering history of our local area, use of natural materials that can be used to create a vast variety of items from tools to musical instruments, learning Te Reo, have a go at blowing a Pūtātara (conch shell), participating in on board haka and come back feeling as one team, refreshed after an amazing experience on the water.

We will be continuing to have our children experience this activity as it is so much more than just conquering a physical challenge."

Pete Mitchener
Principal Broadgreen Intermediate

He Waka Eke Noa - Inclusion

He Waka Eke Noa

(We are all in the canoe without exception)

The Waka Abel Tasman collaborative and inclusive waka experience provides a unique opportunity for students and teachers to explore concepts of holistic learning, engaging all the senses, nurturing multiple dimensions of well-being (physical, intellectual, spiritual and social) and developing various aspects of key competencies. All whilst enjoying the amazing outdoor classroom, in and around the Abel Tasman.

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